Property Maintenance

Maoin Properties offers unique services in the Residential and Commercial Property Maintenance industry in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. We believe our value proposition is based on these key elements that separate us from the competition: People, Process & Products.

People: We have a unique perspective on Property Maintenance because we are investors ourselves. We started with our first property in 1990 and learn what works best by many years of iterations - experience. High ethics and integrity are paramount, but also fostering innovation and practicality are a Maoin must. We would never implement or recommend a solution that we haven’t done or wouldn’t consider as Best in Bread and in the best interest of our customers.

Process:  The founder having many years as a Systems Engineer understands the importance and stresses processes. If we aren’t working to improve a process we’re not doing our job. We have implemented state of the art Property Management software systems which enables our customers to have all the tools to be an informed investor. We continually enable proprietary processes and systems that save our customers significant time and money.

Product:  With great people and continual improvements in processes we deliver a superior product. When you encourage innovation and improvement you foster greatness and the desire to deliver the best product. Given the opportunity, Maoin Properties will surprise you with their dedication to service and relentless pursuit of improvement in order to deliver an outstanding product.

Our Goal is to enable our customer’s success as that will lead to our Success.